With more surgical intelligence, you’ll hit your toric target every time.

High-resolution images from industry-leading LENSTAR LS 900 with T-cone can now be transferred directly to the remote-viewing station integrated on the Hi-R NEO 900 surgical microscope.

This new connectivity extends the power of Haag-Streit’s Eyesuite software, providing you with precise LENSTAR LS 900 data where you need it most – in the operating room, ergonomically positioned for easy view – and eliminates the need to print patient information beforehand.

Work with the best team in toric implant surgery: LENSTAR LS 900 + Hi-R NEO 900 Microscope. Visit mylenstar.com, hsmicroscopes.com or fill out the form here.

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LENSTAR LS 900, now with 6mm topo, is the ultimate tool for planning the entire toric implant procedure, from incision and IOL placement to cylinder power choice and more. And, all of this information is mapped over a high-resolution of the eye.

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Hi-R NEO 900 Microscope with legendary Haag-Streit optics incorporates the new C.RED reflex technology, giving you the most constant, stable, and bright red reflex while improving visual access to the anterior chamber, even in low light.

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Hi-R NEO 900 Microscope